Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time for Tea: Lavender Scones

It was time for a ladies tea party and what better thing to serve that some lavender scones with blackberry lemon verbena conserve from June Taylor Jams and homemade ginger pear jam from Nonna C.

This recipe was here from Michael Recchuti. I also used lavender ginger sugar on top of these lovely scones.

This is a fairly straight forward scone recipe using culinary lavender mixed in with the dry ingredients. Be sure to use culinary lavender- other lavenders may have been sprayed and not suitable for consumption.

I cut the butter into the dry ingredients, added buttermilk and egg and formed a round.

The round was cut into eight scones, topped with the lavender ginger sugar and baked!

They were wonderful- especially with the ginger pear jam!