Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beautiful Disaster: Raspberry Lemon Scones

Warm scones for breakfast were the inspiration for this recipe and well, things don't always go as planned in the Foodspiration kitchen. I used a Martha Stewart recipe for fresh blueberry scones and substituted fresh raspberries.

And here's where I went a bit wrong. I used a few more raspberries than the recipe called for and they weren't as dry since I rinsed them right before. Oops.

So when I turned out the dough, it was one sticky wet mess and I had to add a fair amount of flour to make it come together.

And the result was a chewier, muffin like texture that just wasn't sweet enough. The recipe had only a bit of sugar. So I decided to amend this situation with lemon glaze from Tyler Florence.

And it helped bring sweetness and a complementary lemon flavor to the zest that was already in the scones with raspberry.

Were these scones saved? Sort of. They taste pretty good but they certainly aren't a crumbly scone- the texture is chewier and cake-like. Moral of the story- don't overuse the fresh fruit! And Foodspiration is about experimenting and trying which really is the best way to learn!