Monday, July 6, 2009

An All-American Meal Reconstructed

This Fourth of July weekend, we decided to make an All-American Meal but with a modern twist. The inspiration for this meal was a pulled pork sandwich, coleslaw, corn, and pie but we had a few changes.

Our menu for the meal:

• pulled pork sandwich on a baguette
• jicama- grapefruit slaw
• corn fritters
• peach, nectarine and blackberry galette

We bought a pork shoulder and put a dry rub on it. Justin seared the shoulder and let it slow cook for several hours until it was tender.

Once cooked, he shredded it and added some barbeque sauce.

On a crusty baguette, this was a delicious sandwich.

While the pork was cooking, we made the jicama salad. We used this recipe as an inspiration but added some carrot and grapefruit to it. We peeled and grated the jicama instead of slicing it into julienne strips. We tossed it with sliced red onion and lime juice as well as salt and pepper. Topped with fresh wedges of pink grapefruit and chopped cilantro, this salad was incredibly refreshing. In fact it also tasted great on top of the pulled pork.

Instead of corn on the cob, we made these fried corn fritters. We sliced the corn off the cob and made a batter. We had a bit more corn than batter which can be tricky. If there are corn kernels that fall out of the fritters and they hang out too long on the fryer, they will EXPLODE! And that really isn't good. I suggest using a splatter screen while frying these and clearing out the wandering kernels.

Because we didn't have a pie pan, we made a galette instead with V and K's famous oil crust. V made the oil crust and added nectarines, blackberries, and Frog Hollow peaches.

It baked up wonderfully and we paired it with some homemade salted caramel ice cream.

And the meal was delicious!

Hope your Fourth was as delicious as ours.