Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tasty Little Nibbles: Salted Banana Chocolates

Well, this was an unexpected surprise! I was going to freeze banana slices and dip them in chocolate and possibly put them in some homemade ice cream or on top. However, once I made these and tasted them, they didn't need any ice cream! Topped with Maldon salt, the banana center was soft and creamy and wonderful. Here's how this all happened and why the center surprised me!

First, I peeled, sliced and froze these bananas overnight. You probably could just do this for a few hours.

Then, melted some semi-sweet chocolate chips in a glass bowl. I cheated and used the microwave by melting in 30 sec increments and stirring well in between. I used a sharp knife and sliced the frozen banana slices into quarters. And then I dipped them in chocolate and sprinkled with Maldon salt which is in delicate flakes and large crystals.

They looked lovely and the best part was that the chocolate set up quickly but the center had started to thaw. Because of the freezing, the structure of the banana had been damaged - as fruit can be when frozen- and it was delightfully soft. In this case, the softer, gooey center was great! What a lovely and easy little treat!