Thursday, April 8, 2010

Naturally Colored Easter Eggs

It was the night before Easter and we had plenty of hard-boiled eggs, but no dye. Having been inspired by Lauren's friend Nicola and her natural food dyes blog post at, and open to improvisation, we decided gather up some misfit foods and start dyeing.

For solid foods we blended them in the vitamix with some hot water and a dash of vinegar. We strained away the pulp and left the residual juice in coffee mugs, added the eggs, and refrigerated them overnight.

Here are a few of our favorites, can you guess the food we used to create the dye?:

Egg number one.

Egg number two.

Egg number three.

Egg number four.

Egg number five.

Egg number six.

Any guesses? Here's one of these eggs isn't a natural dye. We'll post the answers in a few days. SEE THE COMMENTS FOR THE ANSWERS!


Nicola said...

Very cool! I am guessing at least one involved Kool-Aid. As a kid, we sometimes used food coloring.

Lauren said...

good guess. The answer is more of an "adult" version of Kool-Aid...Any other guesses before I spill the beans?

Justin said...

The answers:

1) Turmeric
2) Frozen blueberries
3) Blueberry wine
4) POM Pomegranate juice
5) Coffee (Peet's Major Dickason's Blend)
6) Boone's Farm Melon Ball...not quite natural, contains FD&C Yellow#5 and Blue#1).