Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jamie's Food Revolution: Kids and Choice

photo credit: ratexla (flickr)

Did you get a chance to see this week's episode? If not, click here for episode 105. This week, Jamie offered some high students a choice for lunch and talked about the choice at a school assembly: his food line of pasta and salad or the pizza, burger and french fry lines. Most of the high school students tried Jamie's line- to his surprise.

He also found that the elementary school had reinstated the choice of chocolate, strawberry or regular milk for the kids. Some officials felt the positives benefits of calcium outweighed the higher level of sugar in the flavored milks. Not to anyone's surprise, most kids chose the flavored milk.

This was pretty provocative for me.

What kinds of choices should kids have when it comes to food?

When do positive benefits outweigh negative ones? How do you decide?