Sunday, April 25, 2010

Did You Watch the Food Revolution Finale?

The finale of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution aired this past Friday. Did you see it? We watched and I was really interested in the after-stories of what happened to the school lunches and people once Jamie left. I do wish they had spent more time on the family, who lost quite a bit of weight, and the high school students who cooked with them. I was a bit teary to see the change in the lunch ladies and their willingness to take up the cause of better food in schools. Ultimately, it did feel like Jamie left some lasting changes with the Huntington kitchen, the new church kitchen and gym and the improved school lunches- but also especially in the attitudes of the principles, lunch ladies and teachers at the elementary school.

The Food Revolution also inspired us to think a bit more about our weeknight meals and to be more thoughtful about what can be quick, easy and fresh. Sometimes we've relied a bit too much on take-out or frozen pizza during busy weeks. We're experimenting with some new recipes...coming soon.

What did you think?

Has the Food Revolution inspired you to do anything differently?


PleaseRecycle said...

Well, I haven't been able to watch Food Revolution yet. My kids inspired me to make changes in our eating habits. I've made it a priority for us to eat as many healthy, home cooked meals as possible. But, I don't have a lot of time for cooking right now. My solution is my freezer (Oh, how I wish I had a bigger freezer). I have become a fan of the "cook once, eat twice" philosophy. Soups & casseroles hold up great and all you need to do is add a salad and/or bread. So quick and convenient.

Martha said...

I didn't watch it, but liked reading your comments on the show.

On a somewhat related topic, I have to come up with a healthy family activity for my Girl Scout Brownies. We're trying to think of something that isn't too difficult for 2nd graders to convince their families to do for a week. Any suggestions?

Lauren said...

Oooh...does it need to be around food specifically? or just a healthy activity?

Lauren said...

Hmm, so my food thoughts are:

1) drink more water week. Have everyone take a water bottle with them to work or school and substitute juice or soda with the water

2) try a new vegetable week. The family chooses a "new" vegetable and prepares it at least 2 different ways during the week. For example, red bell pepper could be eaten fresh or cooked in fajitas. Everyone promises to try it.

3) create a family favorite salad recipe week. the family creates a new salad recipe during the week and shares it at the end of the week. The family can experiment with a few different versions during the week to find one everyone likes. Some new toppings to try include fruit and nuts!

Other non food thoughts

1) neighborhood walk week. the family takes a walk together around the block each night

2) no tv week. ooh this is hard but a good one. what will everyone do instead? Bonus: no tv or computer at night week! We did no tv for 40 days once and learned a lot about ourselves.

Martha said...

Thanks for the ideas! I also thought of the water and vegetable one. I LOVE the family salad one. We'll definitely incorporate that one in. :)