Sunday, April 25, 2010

Did You Watch the Food Revolution Finale?

The finale of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution aired this past Friday. Did you see it? We watched and I was really interested in the after-stories of what happened to the school lunches and people once Jamie left. I do wish they had spent more time on the family, who lost quite a bit of weight, and the high school students who cooked with them. I was a bit teary to see the change in the lunch ladies and their willingness to take up the cause of better food in schools. Ultimately, it did feel like Jamie left some lasting changes with the Huntington kitchen, the new church kitchen and gym and the improved school lunches- but also especially in the attitudes of the principles, lunch ladies and teachers at the elementary school.

The Food Revolution also inspired us to think a bit more about our weeknight meals and to be more thoughtful about what can be quick, easy and fresh. Sometimes we've relied a bit too much on take-out or frozen pizza during busy weeks. We're experimenting with some new recipes...coming soon.

What did you think?

Has the Food Revolution inspired you to do anything differently?