Monday, November 23, 2009

Three Past Posts All About Pies

We will be making some new pies this year but in the meantime, we wanted to link you to a few past pie posts on my former baking blog. Click on the title to jump to the post.


Nicola said...

oh that first one is stunning. and i am guessing buttery delicious!

Martha said...

It's funny, I had already planned on making the gruyere apple pie, and it was the exact same recipe. Great minds.... Thanks for the tip on eating it right away, that one will finish baking while we're eating dinner.

Lauren said...

The first one is delicious and the beautiful crust is due to the egg wash!

I can't wait to hear, Martha, what you think about the gruyere-apple pie. It smelled so wonderful but I did find it a smidge tart...perhaps a bit more sugar?