Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 Recap: Our Menu

We had a marvelous Thanksgiving! Because Christmas is around the corner and you might need a few ideas, we will be sharing the details of some of our dishes over the next week.

We had a lovely centerpiece made with a Cinderella pumpkin in the center and two pumpkins filled with mums, thanks to my mother-in-law. The Cinderella pumpkin is real!

Each person had an edible placecard: chocolate dipped ginger cookies.

Our menu for this year's meal was:


• Marinated prawns
• Garlic olives
• Cornichons
• Salami
• New York aged cheddar and dried peaches
• Roasted asparagus
• Prosciutto wrapped melon

Thanksgiving dinner:

• Green salad with manchego cheese, pear and walnuts
• Sweet potatoes with apples
• Green beans with panko bread crumbs
• Sausage and sage stuffing
• Sour cream and thyme rolls
• Plain rolls
• Holiday mashed potatoes
• Oven roasted sage turkey wrapped in bacon
• Smoked turkey (using the Green Egg shown in photo)
• Fresh cranberry relish
• Cranberry ginger jelly


• Sweet potato pie
• Apple pie
• Hungarian chocolate torte (in photo)
• Tiramisu
• Chocolate toffee
• Lemon meringue pie

We were full!