Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Word Wednesday . . . Green

Green . . . as in the Big Green Egg ceramic cooker and grill.

Now that the blog is over a year old it's interesting to see how traffic suddenly ramps up on past posts . . . what's hot right now? Apparently 'tis the season for Big Green Egg Thanksgiving Turkey (click it to see what I did last year)! This year I'll wheel out the Green Egg for the third Thanksgiving while Lauren prepares another bird in the oven, giving our guests proper a point and counter point.

I would be remiss if I didn't not point any turkey grilling enthusiast to Mad Max Turkey Central on the Naked Whiz's Ceramic Charcoal Cooking Page . . . it's updated for 2009.

In the spirit of Mad Max's Turkey Hotline on the Big Green Egg User's Forum we'll open up the Foodspiration Hotline . . . email us at with your BGE or other Thanksgiving questions and we'll write you right back!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Justin and Lauren


Anonymous said...

No questions about turkey cooking because I don't have that job but I am looking for the best Green Bean recipe. Could it be a casserole or sizzled in a skillet?what is your favorite? (you are allowed two since there are two of you). liz

Lauren said...

We've done this recipe of sauteed spicy green beans (with red pepper flakes) on the stove-top and it's easy:

But if you really want to be rockstar, try this gourmet version of the green bean casserole. We haven't yet but it's on our list:

Justin said...

Hmmmm . . . I always prefer my green beans sauteed in a pan in order to retain some of that crunch. It turns out we outsourced the green bean duties to Lauren's mom this Thanksgiving. However, someone at work was talking about green beans with persimmon, which I've never tried and find intriguing (blending the fruit and veg). So you inspired me, I bought blue lake green beans and persimmon while doing the Thanksgiving shopping. I guess we'll have green beans two ways too!

Here is a recipe on Epicurious to get you started:

Anonymous said...

You two are the rockstars! We eat green beans year round so whichever recipes I don't do tomorrow I am sure I can try at another time. I am leaning towards the gourmet version of the casserole and the green bean persimmon combo at this point. I don't think the spicey beans would be a hit with my mother-in-law but it sounds delicious to me. Thanks for the suggestions. liz