Monday, November 9, 2009

The Making of a Bread Bomb

On a recent trip to Lake Tahoe with friends we were treated to a bread bomb. A bread bomb is an explosion of cheesy, garlic goodness and more calories that you would want to think about. The bomb is a specialty of our friend, DezMo, and she taught us how to build our own.

The necessary elements for one bomb are as follows: a large loaf of bread (a boule is standard), a stick of butter, half a tube of garlic paste (about 2 oz), 3/4 to 1 lb of shredded Gruyere, and a bunch of sliced green onions. However, DezMo always doubles down and makes enough for two bombs to spread the love. To start, prepare a quick garlic butter by softening the butter and then mixing in the garlic paste.

Take your boule and make deep slices about an inch apart and then repeat to form a cross-cut pattern. Going along one direction slather the garlic butter deep into the grooves.

Along the cuts going the other way liberally tuck the Gruyere until it seems that the bread can hold no more! Make sure you actually stuff the cheese into the grooves and don't just sprinkle it on top.

Next apply piles of the sliced onions over the surface of the bomb. At this point you want to form a foil bowl under and around the sides of the bread. This way you be able to capture any butter and cheese that may try to leak away in the oven (you can reapply to the top when finished).

Bake in a 375 degree F oven for 30-40 minutes covered with a foil tent. When the cheese shreads are visibly melted, remove the tent and bake uncovered about 5-10 more minutes to brown it up.

It is difficult to take a picture of an intact bread bomb since they're unceremoniously attacked once removed from the oven. Do not forget your best balsamic vinegar for dipping the bread chunks (this is delicious!). The bread bomb is a true crowd pleaser as an awesome appetizer for wine or accompaniment for a meal.