Monday, October 19, 2009

The Best Way to Eat Brussel Sprouts

When I bought these brussel sprouts, the checkout woman said, "I can't believe someone as young as you is buying brussel sprouts." And I replied, "Well we are going to eat them with apples and bacon and they will be delicious." She was definitely intrigued but after this post, hopefully you will be convinced that Brussel Sprouts with Apples and Bacon are wonderful.

We were inspired to try this after having this dish at a good friend's house. And, it's apple season, so what better time to taste this! It's pretty easy to make. We bought a small bag of brussel sprouts (Trader Joe's and Safeway have them) and we sliced them in half or in quarters depending on size.

We used a honeycrisp apple and chopped that into chunks. These are terrific apples and if you haven't tried them, we recommend them.

In a frypan, we fried up some thick-cut bacon and drained the grease.

A bit of butter, and in went the brussel sprouts. I even added a bit of water and covered them to steam them through.

Once they were mostly cooked through, we added the apples and sauteed until slightly cooked. A bit of red wine vinagrette was sprinkled on top and the crumbled bacon was added. With salt and pepper to taste, this dish was good to go!

Who knew brussel sprouts could be so tasty!


PleaseRecycle said...

Looks tasty! Maybe as a side dish with a quiche or egg-based dish?

Michelle O said... sprouts,

Lauren said...

It is a great side dish. We had it with butternut squash soup. It's surprisingly hearty though and could be a main course on a light night.

Tiffiny Felix said...

I saw this on PhotoGrazing and was pulled in by the beautiful picture. I'm emphatically anti-brussel sprout, but I may try this, because, yes...everything is better with bacon :)

Marc said...

I'm generally not a fan of brussel sprouts, but I think I'll try this during the sprout season. Looks like an interesting blend of sweet, savory, smoky.

I have been somewhat converted to the pro-sprout side by a method from chef Mark Peel (of Los Angeles' Campanile).

A science question: isn't there something genetic about whether people like or dislike brussel sprouts? Like the ability to taste (or not taste) a certain compound in the vegetable?