Saturday, October 3, 2009

Familly Food Traditions: Jordan Almonds

We celebrated a family wedding last weekend and and present was an Italian food tradition from Lauren's side: the confetti . . . more commonly known in the U.S. as Jordan Almonds. Before Lauren and I wed, my total previous experience with this confection could be described as "slightly rancid, rock hard, exceedingly bland, and pastel." When I threatened to put the kibosh on this wedding favor, there was a one of those critical moments in the planning process where confrontation gives way first to compromise and then ultimately to an embracing the tradition as your own.

What helped change my mind was turning to the Victoria Pastry Company in the North Beach neighborhood in San Francisco as a quality and edible source for the confetti. The imported Italian sweets won me over. If you are ever nearby it is recommended that you also try a cannoli from the bakery and enjoy some of the coffee that they roast in small batches on the premises.

If you were curious if Jordan Almonds refers to a place name, the FDA does have perspective and a policy on this. They determined that it is simply considered the common or usual name for candy-coated almonds and do not need to be from a particular place or origin to be called Jordan Almonds.

Often these sweets are placed in small tulle bags or envelopes for the guests to take home as they were at the weddings of Lauren's parents and brother and our own.

Viva gli sposi, Marc and Amber!