Monday, September 28, 2009

Foodspiration Retrospective: Lauren's Baking Favorites!

In celebration of one year of Foodspiration, we're revisiting our favorite posts from the past.

Okay, I was supposed to pick one post that represents my favorites from Foodspiration (and That Would Be Lovely- which was a separate baking blog before we combined the two). And I just couldn't pick one. So I'm breaking the rules and picking TWO! They are all about baking because I just love it!

My top two:
1. The most beautiful cupcakes I ever made: The Hello Cupcake cookbook inspired me with new ways to decorate cupcakes. I actually bought the book for this recipe alone! These cupcakes introduced me to the decorative world of candy melts. Click on the link to see the step by step and be inspired by the possibilities!

2. A must for crust: three ways to beautify your pie: Pie season is here and this was a fun post to explore ways to make your crust look spectacular! From egg washes to easy cutouts to serious Martha Stewart crust construction, there's something for everyone in this post. You should definitely take a peek for a few easy ways to impress the family over the holidays.

So, these are our favorites. Were there others that you remember and really liked?