Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Secret Equation for Delicious Salads

Green salads are one of my favorite things to bring to dinners and potluck! They are usually a fresh and flavorful addition to any meal. This salad has blue cheese, dried tart cherries and caramelized pecans with a balsamic dressing.

We have a basic equation for tasty salads:
greens + fruit + nut + cheese= deliciousness.

We made this salad by first tossing the greens in a simple balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing. This gives everything a nice coating of the dressing! We also add fresh ground pepper.

And for the toppings, there are many great combinations. This one was a particularly good blend of flavors and textures with a soft, crumbled blue cheese, the tart dried cherries, and pecans that I caramelized.

Here are few other ingredients you can mix and match to make your own favorite salad. You can stock many of them in your fridge and pantry for spontaneous salad ideas- especially the dried fruit.

• toasted walnuts
• caramelized walnuts
• toasted pecans
• caramelized pecans
• toasted pine nuts
• toasted almonds

• blue cheese
• feta cheese
• parmesan cheese

• fresh apples
• fresh pears
• fresh Asian pears
• fresh blueberries
• fresh raspberries
• fresh oranges
• fresh strawberries
• dried cherries
• dried cranberries

Some of our other favorite combinations are: apple, feta, toasted walnut; pear, blue cheese, and toasted walnut. Mmm, have fun making your own favorites!