Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Newest Appliance: Microwave Convection Oven

Ok, can you believe we made this banana nut cupcake in the microwave? Well that's because it's a convection oven microwave.

We just bought this microwave to go over our range. This microwave has three functions:

1. as a convection oven, circulating warm air to cook and brown the food allowing for even baking and roasting. You can use metal pans and cookware that is suitable for a traditional oven. There are metal racks that you can put in for this function.

2. as a traditional microwave, using dielectric heating to excite the water ( and other polar molecules) in food resulting in heating and cooking the food. This is great for reheating, cooking throughout but not great for baking or browning without special packaging.

3. as a fast bake combination of convection heating AND microwave heating. We haven't tried this yet!

So why did we get this microwave oven? We don't have room for a second oven and we often host large holiday dinners. With a turkey in the oven, we wanted another oven to bake the rolls, cook the stuffing etc. This seemed like a perfect solution! Not to mention that I read here it is more energy efficient by circulating the heated air and heating a smaller space than the larger oven.

We are excited to see what this new appliance can do!