Thursday, May 21, 2009

Do You Need A Vacation for Foodspiration?

We do! We are going to take a foodspiration vacation to inspire ourselves with new food experiences. What is a foodspiration vacation? Well, for us it means:

• staying in an inspiring place with fresh, local ingredients (mmm like those strawberries)
• having access to a kitchen
• being away from home so that we aren't distracted by chores
• bringing our special utensils and equipment with us

and we also had these requirements:
• no air travel- we're sick of airports and then we can bring our kitchen tools
• dogs allowed- we're bringing Beaker!

So we found a place and we will be going this summer for a week! We're making the list of recipes to make. Please send us some suggestions! I will be bringing my food coloring and cookie cutters like an artist brings her paints and brushes!