Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Take Two: The Revised Ultimate Savory Breakfast Tart

If you didn't see our Ultimate Savory Breakfast Tart post, you are in luck because we've just improved it! The original recipe had bacon, eggs, gruyere with creme fraiche on puff pastry which was delicious. However, we made a modification and added sauteed spinach and shallots and used an all butter puff pastry from Dufour. We skipped the bacon this time but think it would marvelous with it. Here's the recap:

First, the puff pastry with the creme fraiche and gruyere.

Then the sauteed shallots and we quickly sauteed the quickly we forgot to take a photo.

We then topped the tart and cracked the eggs.

And it was fabulous! The shallots were a perfect complement to the gruyere and the spinach was great too.

The yolks were runny inside just like we like 'em. Please try this delicious is marvelous.