Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

The classic Thin Mint Stack

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time and I had to buy a box or two of my favorite Girl Scout Cookies.

Thin Mint Cookies Up Close

Why do I like Thin Mints?- Chocolate and mint are so delicious and it's the perfect amount of chocolate coating to crunchy cookie. Also, these are great frozen!

GS Cookies and Ice Cold Milk: A Perfect Pair

I, too, was a Girl Scout and I sold these cookies. However, I recall a variety of names for the tried-and-true ones that have stood the test of time. When I sold them, they were:
  • Thin Mints: chocolate minty goodness
  • Scot-tees: the shortbread ones- now called Trefoils
  • Hoedowns: chocolate coated peanut butter cookie- now called Tagalongs
  • Savannahs: peanut butter sandwiches-now called Do-Si-Dos
  • Golden Yangles: goofy cheese crackers that were for the "healthy" people who couldn't or didn't eat cookies.
Does anyone else remember these old names?

The Junior Girl Scout circa 1986

And just for bit of nostalgia...I was a Brownie and then a Junior Girl Scout complete with dark green Girl Scout Beret. Our budget minded Troop Leader Moms found that the "Freckles and Frills" clothing store had old Girl Scout uniforms in pea soup green for 50 cents versus the new kelly green uniforms. And in the true spirit of vintage fashion and tight budgets, Troop 23 had pea-soup jumpers, slacks and green berets. We were so ahead of our time.

Just for fun-can you complete the following Girl Scout Song?

"Girl Scouts are high-minded,
Bless my soul, they're double jointed.

Hooray for Girl Scouts!


Anonymous said...

Springtime in America. Time to stop and smell the Samoas.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,
We met your parents when we were selling Girl Scout Cookies outside Safeway in CV last night. Your dad told us about your blog and the piece about the old names of the cookies. I still call Do-Si-Do's by their original name - Savanah's.
Thanks - your blog is a good read.

Anonymous said...

"they climb trees and don't mind it
all day long!"


annie said...

they climb hills and don't mind it...ALL DAY LONG.

I totally remember the old names, and have a hard time calling my faves "Tagalongs." What a silly name!

But they, along with Thin Mints, were just as delicious as always during my several day GSC binge.

annie said...

PS...I didn't look at Aimee's post first...but now will have the Girl Scout song stuck in my head for days!

And, Aimee & Lauren, don't forget... BE LADYLIKE!

Anonymous said...

Jubilees! Does anyone remember those? They were the Carmel deLites (as named now) but more bar-shaped.

Thanks for making this site. It's tough to find people who remember Hoedowns.