Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Word Wednesday: Toasted

Even though we call it grilled cheese, it's really much more like a toasted cheese sandwich. Mmm, we've had grilled cheese twice this week and we'd like to know:

How do you make your grilled cheese sandwich?

Diagonal or straight-cut? And Why?

How did your mom make this sandwich for you?

We'll share our answers if you'll share yours!


Frankie B said...

Mom always used Velveeta because she said it melted the best. When I was in school in Wisconsin, I used Muenster or Monterey Jack (which also melted well), and lots of it (cheese oozed out the side at the slightest touch), as well as a LOT of butter (nicer brownness to the bread that way). I always cut straight across. No particular reason; just "because".

Man, this is making me hungry, even first thing in the morning!!!

Sarah said...

What I really want to know is: What kind of browning is it with grilled cheese? :)

Lauren said...

It's Maillard Browning, Sarah. Here is a post about it:

Lauren said...

Mmm, I never had a grilled cheese with muenster but that sounds good. We usually use cheddar and as you can see, we like to cut it diagonally.

Now, growing up in my house, grilled cheese was always made with whole wheat or 7 grain bread and cheddar and cut straight across. Shhh, don't tell my parents, but I kinda prefer the white bread.

salsita said...

Rule one: Wheat

Rule two: Cheddar

Rule three: cover with a pot top while in the frying pan to get the cheese to melt while not burning the bread

Rule four: diagnol

Rule five: butter, and lots of it

Those who deviate from the rule are taking a risk in my opinion! That is my ideal plain grilled cheese. I do love the addition of ham and tomato though every now and then. My favorite diner take on the grilled cheese and ham: a monte cristo which apparently is the American version of the croque-monsieur.

Casey@Good. Food. Stories. said...

Diagonal, always! Using the most processed, orange cheese available, on the whitest bread available. But real butter is key.

Brandy said...

I make grilled cheese with Havarti Dill cheese on sourdough bread and sprinkle the cheese with Penzey's 'Sandwich Sprinkle' before grilling. It's delish!

My mom always used "white squishy bread" and Kraft singles.

Cut straight across - never diagonal (too much crust:bread ratio on the ends for me)

annie said...

Growing up:
White Bread from Flair Market
American Cheese
Butter (or, more likely, margarine/butter substitute)

Cook slowly on pan, trying not to burn. When smoke alarm goes off, we know it's done (my mom has a way with smoke alarms).

I prefer sourdough, but really will use any bread I have in the house. Butter substitute, whatever cheese I have in the house (cheddar is most usual, havarti, those baby blue bell, and string cheese are also used...desparate times and all). Also prefer it with tomato and ketchup. Also with tomato soup.

Forever: Cut diagonal. Always.

Lauren said...

Yay for Flair market!!!!

Justin said...

I'm with Annie, an important element for me is a tomato-based accompaniment . . . a rich tomato soup or ketchup, in a pinch.

Growing up my Mom always cut straight across, but I cutting on the diagonal these days.

Jacob said...

Cheap white bread. Any type of cheese that we might have, chedder is best. A bit of mayo on the bread then cheese. butter ini the pan and never cut it in half.

Lauren said...

Oh no! Mayo! My one food phobia and once in a while we'd go to a restaurant as a kid and my grilled cheese would have mayo. I'd refuse to eat it and my parents would be mad.