Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One Word Wednesday: Na zdraví! (to your health!)

While visiting this holiday season my father gifted us a bottle of Becherovka, a traditional Czech herbal liquor. Anise is at least one of the characteristic flavor components.

A couple of years ago when we traveled to "the motherland" we were invited into people's homes and were toasted in the traditional means: abundant liquor served in a small glass with a toast, Na zdraví! (in Czech, "to your health"). Pictured here are some of the glasses (featuring the town fire engine and wheat crest) that we were presented to us by they mayor of Jenišovice, a small town where some of our Šimek ancestors once lived.

Do you have a favorite toast? What do you say when you raise a glass?


Megan said...

Is it like Ouzo?

I learned to say "Prost!" everytime I raise a glass, whilst living in Austria. I also say Nastrovia (or something like that), which is Polish for cheers.

Oh and by the way I used to be Megan Koenig - the kid you babysat down the street. hahahaha I am now married and have my own blog - My mom saw someone in the grocery store who told her to check out your blog - she passed the word along. hi! Oh yeah and this is for Lauren, not necessarily Justin, although hello Justin!

Claire Koenig said...

Megan (above) taught me to say "Prost" and be sure to make eye contact with the other person to toast. Since we're German, we're sticking with it. Sometimes we use the Irish "Slante" although I'm not sure of spelling or pronounciation - but it reflects my Irish roots. Interesting that Megan's Polish "Nastrovia" (sp?) looks quite similar to the Czech version!

Frankie B said...

Cheers, Salute, Prost, Kampai, Gambei, Na Zdrovie, Salud, Sante, Slunge (sp?) - sometimes a subset, usually most or all of them at a time.

Michelle O said...

After my trip to Ireland, "Slainte!"

Michelle O said...

Oh, I meant to type it's pronounced like "Slawn-chuh".

Kathy said...

My husband's family is Czech and all five of her children and their families ALWAYS have Bcharovka in their pantries! Of course, it's a special occasion when we get it out, and it's always shots. I used to like it more but not so much anymore. Too sweet and licorice-y!
But my dear 75-yr.-old mother-in-law can put more back than any of us! You gotta love the woman.