Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One Word Wednesday: Comfort

It's a rainy day here and this cup of hot chocolate was just what I needed.

What foods bring you comfort on a cold and rainy day?

Are you cooking anything special today?


PleaseRecycle said...

I just had a cup of cocoa with whipped cream!

I think my favorite comfort food is mac and cheese. Homemade, of course, with breadcrumbs on top. Or might be tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Looking forward to you post-food blogger camp posts!

Lauren said...

yum...those are my favorite too. I want to find the perfect mac and cheese recipe. do you have a favorite?

PleaseRecycle said...

Lauren, I like Martha's basic recipe. Let me see if I can find it and I'll send it to you.

Actually, I have a whole Mac & Cheese cookbook and I've never made anything from it. Would you like it?