Sunday, January 10, 2010

Clicking the Mental Refresh Button in Ixtapa

Life is busy and while we generally are glad to have Facebook, Twitter, the Blackberry/iPhone, our blog and the internet, sometimes it can be overwhelming along with the craziness of daily life. On this trip to Food Blogger Camp in Ixtapa, we're clicking the mental refresh button by coming down to Club Med (which we probably wouldn't have done otherwise) for week of amazing discussions, tours and dialogue.

While I was certain we would be inspired by the amazing other food bloggers here, I wasn't sure why it was in Ixtapa, why it was at Club Med and if we needed to really be in such a remote location.

As you can see from the photos, this is truly a paradise. The weather is pleasantly warm- even at night, the ocean is magnificent and the resort is lovely. There's a spirit of fun and of relaxation all around; an ease and a slower pace at this resort. There are many things to do and plenty of time to do them. It's remarkable and rare in our lives.

And now that I am here, I can see why this is the perfect location for Food Blogger Camp. If we had been in New York City or another urban area, we might be feverishly looking for the best bacon donut, the most amazing new restaurant, the secret speakeasy. Instead, we are truly relaxing our bodies and minds to actually have creative thoughts and discussions. We're able to disconnect from the "get-it-done" pace of work and home and even the busy tone of the city.

So I am grateful to the foresight of Jaden and the other organizers that so thoughtfully chose this relaxing location and this talented group of instructors and also decided to keep the attendance small such that authentic connections can be developed this week.

How do you mentally refresh? Have you had an inspiring vacation/ day trip or food adventure that recharged you?