Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Post about Toast: Vanilla Cinnamon Toast

When was the last time you had cinnamon toast? Well a classic loaf of bread from the Acme Bread Co and some special cinnamon and vanilla sugar from Penzey's spices inspired me to recreate this childhood classic.

I recently bought this vanilla sugar made with both Mexican and Madascar Vanilla beans from Penzey's to use for baking. I have a lovely assortment of flavored sugars and this added to the collection. But I was seduced at the register by a small jar of cinnamon- a blend of four different cinnamons: Chinese, Vietnamese, Korintje and Ceylon. Who could resist?

And so, a slice of toast, some butter and a sprinkling of a mixture of the vanilla sugar and cinnamon ( I premixed it in a small bowl first), and I had a lovely and lightly sophisticated piece of childhood for breakfast.