Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July- Dessert Roundup

Well here are three signs of a good BBQ:

1. not too many leftovers
2. Justin's asleep in the hammock at the end of the night
3. we took terrible photos of really tasty food because we were just enjoying it and not trying to make the perfect blog post

So, in the spirit of sharing what we had, here was the menu:

• beautiful cheeses from our neighbor, Dezmo, including Taleggio, St. Agur Blue, Teleme, and Mimolette
• deviled eggs from A and C
• fresh veggies and dip from Gail
• cucumber and sweet vidalia onion salad- made by me from Martha
• potato salad from Gail
• stuffed burgers with cheddar cheese, bacon and carmelized onions in the center of the burger
• corn on the cob from the farmer's market
• watermelon
• and some strawberry lemon coolers that I made

and for dessert:
• olallieberry pie from V and K- they picked the olallieberries!

• this gorgeous flag cake from Toni

• and mini-pavlovas from me. I was so worried about making the meringue properly that I somehow messed up the whipped cream! I used my own canister and I'm not sure if it because I had the wrong proportion of gas to cream or because I used whipping cream instead of heavy whipping cream but it just didn't look great and didn't hold up! Tasted really good though. I have three left to try to top a bit more artfully. Will do and post in detail once I work it all out!

Finally, we are up to our ears in strawberries...any suggestions? We're making a strawberry-rhubarb pie tomorrow but have more left....