Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another Post about Toast: Sprinkles from the Netherlands

A good friend from the Netherlands gave me these lovely sprinkles for toast. That's right, toast! What a wonderfully delicious way to start off the morning.

Three different kinds of sprinkles came in this lovely box: chocolate sprinkles, fruity sprinkles, and chocolate curls. And I admit that I can't pronounce or spell the name for them. However, I immediately ate the chocolate curls- oops.

To prepare these sprinkles, simply toast and butter your bread. The butter acts like the glue for the sprinkles but adds a lovely salty, smooth taste to the sweet sprinkles.

The fruit sprinkles are lovely to look at but not quite as tasty as the chocolate.

The chocolate sprinkles are by far my favorite. The salty butter and chocolate sprinkles complement each other. The curls are the best because they melt a bit in your melt...hence why I ate them all first!

Happy toasting!


Fran said...

Oh my. I like the idea of chocolate sprinkles and butter. I might have to shave some chocolate and try it that way. It's always so great to see what other cultures have in their food aisles.

Lauren said...


The chocolate curls are so delicious with the butter. Something about the sweet chocolate and the salty, savory butter is indulgently delicious. Thanks for commenting...let me know if you like it!


Gabe said...

I recently watched an Australian film where the characters made buttered bread with rainbow sprinkles. They called it "Fairy bread" which I thought was pretty cute. I'm thinking the chocolate would be better. Although I'm apt to skip the sprinkles and go right to some chocolate hazelnut spread. Have you seen the Nutella alternative that is organic and imported from Italy? It is from a company called Rigoni is Asiago. They are attempting to become the major organic brand out of Italy. Good stuff.

Unknown said...

Where to buy?