Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lunchtime Splurge: Brie, Spinach and Fig Panini

You might think you are in a quaint bistro or café when you make this easy panini that’s full of sweet and savory flavors. We’re not sure what exactly inspired this, but the Dalmatia fig spread certainly played a role. This pricey spread is absolutely marvelous on my favorite cheese, Fromage D’Affinois. (See my love letter to this cheese.) And I imagined toasted bread with decadent melted brie accompanied by the sweet fig and spinach (which made it seem less over the top). And the results were spectacular and quite indulgent.

Here's how we made it...

1. Apply the fig spread to one side of the bread and top with thin slices of brie cheese in one layer.

2. On the other piece, layer fresh spinach leaves. No need to wilt them in advance.

3. Place the two halves together and press in panini maker. Our panini maker is non-stick. We initially brushed the outside of the bread with olive oil but it was too greasy and rich with the melted brie. The second time, we left the bread plain and it was perfect.

This is a wonderfully indulgent sandwich- I could only eat one half! Enjoy!