Friday, June 18, 2010

Summertime Sundae- Fenton's Creamery

When you grow up with a classic, sometimes you don't realize how special it really is. I grew up with Fenton's Creamery in nearby Oakland and it turns out, so have a lot of other people because Fenton's has been around since 1894!

This landmark creamery makes its own ice cream onsite and has a rich history. Whether it's a walk-up ice cream cone that you want or a full sit-down sundae, Fenton's has both. We thought a warm weekend was the perfect time to meet up for a sundae with Anita, who is a local Oaklander.

With Beaker, our dog in tow, we got a seat immediately on the patio and took a look at the extensive menu- it's two pages of ice cream and sundaes!

There are so many delicious choices, it was very hard to choose. What did we have?

A caramel sundae with toasted almond ice cream for Anita...

A root beer float for Justin...

A hot fudge sundae with Swiss milk chocolate ice cream for me.

And some fresh French fries...what can I say, I'm pregnant and salty French fries and sweet ice cream sounded so good!