Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Drink the Pink: Watermelon-Strawberry Coolers

It's almost summertime and that means time for watermelon. We ended up with a watermelon that's bigger than my head and wanted to make something different but still refreshing.

So what better way to cool off than to blend a bit of watermelon with a few leftover strawberries and some ice in the blender?

Thanks to the ridiculously powerful Vitamix, pulverizing ice is easy peasy for this blender.

In a matter of seconds, I had an icy, naturally sweet pink drink...yum!

What other things do you make with watermelon?


Michelle said...

You mean you have leftover watermelon? I'll have to send Little A over to you. She'll finish it off in 2 seconds flat!

I really want a VitaMix - do you love yours?

Lauren said...

Well it was a watermelon from Costco which meant it was enormous! We do like the Vitamix...but it's a man-blender- all about horsepower and such and not aesthetic at all. It also weighs a ton so not so fun to put away but I'm not keeping it on our kitchen counter. It's performance is pretty impressive. Justin chose this purchase and bought it - without me! But it's pretty cool!!

Frankie B said...

How does Justin tolerate your referring to the Vitamix as a blender? You must be getting a lot of pregnancy sympathy - or cashing a lot of pregnancy points! :-)

Nicola said...