Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby Shower Desserts: Onesie Cookies and Pinwheel Cupcakes

And now for the treats! This is my favorite part...the baking! We decided that Debbie, cake and cupcake baker extraordinaire, would make the cupcakes and darling pinwheels and I would make the sugar cookie favors.

The Cookies

I borrowed a cookie cutter shaped like a onesie from my neighbor, Toni. You may remember that she is my cookie decorator partner in crime from our wedding shower cookies. Because my cousin doesn't want to know the gender of the baby, I chose yellow as the frosting color and to decorate half like boys and half like girls.

For the cookie recipe, I use a classic Martha sugar cookie one but for some reason, it's no longer online. And this time, I had some new tools to use! Above is my new pastry mat from the Pampered Chef. It's non stick and I love the grids to roll pie crust or measure. I also have a new thin spatula that is great for lifting the cutout shapes. Lately, I've learned to bake the cookies and decorate them on separate nights. If I can't do it back to back, I've been freezing the cookies in tupperware and thawing them the night before I frost them. This time, I made the cookies on a Wednesday and frosted them on Thursday. Toni came to help on Thursday!

The shower was Saturday and from past experience, this royal icing frosting needs 2 days to fully dry before you bag the cookies. You might recall that I bagged the wedding cookies after one night of drying and even though the surface felt hard, the frosting wasn't and the moisture migrating into the cookies and made them soft. I had no problems this time with a 2 day dry time before bagging. We made about 30 cookies and tried many different designs. First we piped an outline and then filled it with flow frosting. Then we piped over the top.

Here are a few designs:

For a boy...

For a girl...

A little lighter on the frosting...

and a little flower design.

and finally we bagged them and tied them with ribbon.

The Cupcakes

I can't take any credit for these- the lovely cupcakes were made by Debbie. She also made the darling pinwheels. She used Billy's vanilla vanilla frosting, which is my favorite.

She also piped in a raspberry cream filling using a number 5 tip and pastry bag after the cupcakes were baked. The top layer of frosting covers the hole.

Take a look at these tiny pinwheel with a sparkly center. She made them by hand out of the same paper as the invitations that we made and then glued it onto a lollipop stick.

Do you have any clever desserts for baby showers? We'd love to hear them!