Saturday, June 26, 2010

For the Love of Wedding Cake

Last weekend, we had the honor of attending K and J’s wedding in Amador County, CA. This natural and rustic setting was perfect for their heartfelt and outdoor-loving wedding. I particularly enjoyed their wedding cake which was elegant and delicious.

Justin received a perfect piece of this four layered chocolate cake with berry filling. The cake was accompanied by a scoop of honey lavender or strawberry ice cream.

The cake topper was also very sweet as these two little lovebirds sat perched atop.

Congratulations, K and J!

What was your wedding cake like?

Here’s a link to our wedding cake. We had a small version remade on our fifth wedding anniversary.


coleen~ said...

Since we met on an airplane and had a travel themed wedding, we had suitcases! Our niece had a birthday the same day so we made up a small "make-up case" as her birthday cake.

Lauren said...

So sweet! I bet those cakes were beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Coleen!

Jude Cameron said...

Those are awesome wedding cakes. I love the simplicity and elegance of the cakes. I would definitely want this on my wedding.

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