Monday, May 17, 2010

A Seasonal Farewell to Beet and Fennel Salad

Winter is finally over and summer is on its way. With that, I am looking forward to strawberries, sweet corn, peaches and other seasonal deliciousness that comes with the warm weather. But before I embrace, the juicy fruits and crisp vegetables of summer, I must bid farewell to my very favorite winter salad at the Sideboard Cafe in Danville.

Farewell, my favorite winter salad. I will miss your beautiful golden and purple beets, graced with pungent sliced fennel, slices of juicy, bright grapefruit and topped with a generous, velvety chunk of Humboldt Fog cheese. With a side of pommes frites, you are the perfect lunch or dinner- full of flavor and texture in every bite. I anxiously await your return.


salsita said...

Prior to last month I had written off beets. My memories of the taste of beets involved the smell of dirt. I felt like I was eating dirt. Fast forward to Park Chow in SF where I decided to revisit the beet in a salad similar to yours-I loved them. Now, my refined (or perhaps not as sensitive) palate whispers "earthy" instead of dirt. The texture is great too.

Lauren said...

Hooray! Beets are wonderful and while I love them pickled, they are also great roasted. I personally love them with goat cheese. We once had a beet and goat cheese tower at a restaurant and it was divine.

salsita said...

I think we should explore beets together. You obviously have much to teach me. Perhaps we should celebrate the opening of beet season next year with your little one. Justin can take part too, I guess ;)