Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mystery Food from the Road

Well, we've been pretty slow to post lately and it's mostly because of two reasons:

1) I've been traveling every week for four weeks in a row.
2) we're pregnant and my 2am baking adventures have been replaced with sleep.

But we do have several posts in the queue from recent amazing experiences including a farm to fork dinner with friends, SF Food Wars and homemade panna cotta. So, as soon as I get home, I promise to upload the photos and have some new posts. Thanks for hanging on...

In the meantime, I've had the pleasure of eating dinner this week at Publican and Blackbird in Chicago. Kudos to both of them for having terrific non-alcoholic cocktails including a vivacious ginger ale soda and a custom-made rhubarb-pineapple-mint mocktail.

But, the question of the day is:

Can you guess what this mystery food in the cone is from Publican?

I actually never tried it until now.