Friday, May 14, 2010

Why This Soda Tastes Better in A Martini Glass: Pregnancy Mocktails

Every Friday night or so, Justin and I are lucky enough to have some fabulous neighbors who enjoy wine as much as we do. And since I'm pregnant, the wine is pretty much out as are cocktails. But, just because I can't enjoy a glass doesn't mean that everyone else can't. And so, what's a pregnant lady to do when everyone is sipping bubbly or enjoying the aroma of a terrific California cabernet?

Well, I've discovered that it's not the actual cocktail that I miss, it's the experience of drinking something special! And so, that's pretty easily fixed with a slice of lemon and fancy glass! I'd love to make all of my mocktails from scratch using freshly squeezed juices etc but when I'm too tired, there are some pretty good substitutes. My favorites right now: Pellegrino Limonata with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a slice of lemon as well. And for pizza night, a good root beer in a bottle!

I have to say, that drinking a soda this way actually feels really special and I treat it much like a regular cocktail- in careful moderation. I wasn't really a soda drinker in the past and this ritual of putting with fruit in a nice glass elevates the experience. What if all soda was cherished in this way?

Do you have a favorite non-alcoholic beverage or mocktail?