Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Hearty Brunch to Start the Inspiration

We started off this first morning of vacation with a hearty brunch of eggs, sausage and a freshly blended smoothie.

We started off with Hans' All Natural chicken, fontina and garlic sausage. It has a very clean ingredient label and is delicious. We did a bit of pan-frying and then a final steam with a bit of water and a lid to finish them off while keeping them juicy. Check out the open range in this kitchen with a vent in the middle rather than above.

While we pan-fried the sausage, we peeled a few oranges and grapefruits for a smoothie.

The Vitamix, a new addition to the Foodspiration kitchen, came out to blend the whole fruit (sans peel) into a fresh fruit smoothie. With the addition of few raspberries and a kiss of honey added to take the bitterness off of the grapefruit, the Vitamix turned them into a thick and vibrant smoothie.

We'll be exploring how to make more ideal combinations this week and to see what this Vitamix can do!

Justin made the usual scrambled eggs with goat cheese after wiping out the frying pan. There was just enough flavor left to make the eggs extra delicious.

And brunch was served. We are now sufficiently fueled to go in search of some local ingredients for more inspiring meals. Some bike riding and pilates are also on deck...