Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Foodspiration is on an Inspired Cooking Vacation!

Hooray! We are finally starting our week of Foodspiration vacation! It's NOT a vacation from the blog but FOR the blog.

The ingredients:

1) one really inspiring house in Mendocino overlooking the ocean and with architectural charm and character from the 1960s.

2) five boxes of kitchen ingredients (flour, sugar, fruit we had at home etc), kitchen tools (blenders, ice cream makers, gnocchi board etc), good wine from the cellar and several cookbooks

3) a well appointed kitchen with adequate cooking space (overlooking the ocean)

4) wonderful local ingredients which we will begin seeking today

5) 2 foodies and their dog (Beaker isn't so sure about the sound of the ocean!)

Mix well, let simmer for 6 days until wonderful ideas and inspiration develop!

Look for daily blog posts from us this week!


Sarah said...

Looks amazing!! Have a wonderful vacation!

PleaseRecycle said...

Looks like a lovely location! Enjoy!

Rachel said...

That looks like Heaven! I hope all your dreams of cooking come true! Beaker will no doubt be spoiled with all the quality time with you. Bon Apetit!

Jim Hay said...

... and we enjoyed having Lauren & Justin stay at our vacation rental in Mendocino, Chapman Point House. When they return, and we hope they do, can we come to the house to at least LOOK at the fine food?... and, is it OK to add a plug? - www.mendocinopreferred.com.
Thanks, Lauren & Justin.