Saturday, June 27, 2009

Easy Saturday Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and Goat Cheese

Saturday mornings are perfect for a hot breakfast and after a late Friday night, we wanted something that was tasty and easy. I spied some of the amazing eggs from our farmer's market and some delicious goat cheese and a plan was hatched.

We've posted before about the high quality of eggs from pastured chickens and it continues to amaze me. These eggs are from Your Family Farm, a family farm in California that raises about 250 chickens and pastures them so that they are actually free-range. Here's the shell picture link. And the eggs aren't cheap ($7) but because they are so expensive, we treat them like gems and really appreciate them. You can see the exquisite color and height of the yolks.

This goat cheese came from Lunardi's and it is so delicious. If you haven't tried goat cheese, I recommend it. We often by Cypress Grove but this was a softer, moister goat cheese that didn't crumble as much and had a slight sweetness.

A quick scramble followed by a sprinkling of cheese and fresh ground pepper and voila: the most delicious and gorgeously bright scrambled eggs. Hooray for weekend breakfast!