Monday, April 27, 2009

Salt-Roasted Shrimp: A Fabulous Tasting and Looking Appetizer

Well, I must admit that I was seduced by this recipe not only because it sounded good, but because the final presentation was stunning on a bed of rock salt. And, it was so easy to make, I would recommend it for any gathering!

This recipe was from this month's Bon Appetit and can be found online here. The shrimp is cooked and served on rock salt along with a wine, butter, garlic, and Italian parsley sauce.

The sauce is easy to prepare and doesn't need a lot of attention. A mixture of white wine, lemon juice and garlic is reduced. Butter is melted in and fresh Italian parsley is sprinkled on top.

After you have prepared the sauce, you can roast the raw, unpeeled shrimp on a bed of rock salt (we bought ours at the grocery store- make sure yours is food grade).

The shrimp only takes 6-7 minutes to cook at 500 degrees. Once cooked, the salt and shrimp can be transferred to a dish for a lovely display. We found the flavor of the shrimp to be clean and delicious and well-complemented by the buttery sauce. It was a big success at our family dinner and will be at yours as well!