Thursday, April 16, 2009

In-Flight Signature Cocktails--Hooray!

We often travel to Minnesota to see family and friends and recently, Delta Airlines bought Northwest, our trusty airline carrier. While sad to see NWA phase out, I must confess I was delighted by Delta’s new offering of signature cocktails from Rande Gerber. While I love wine, I also love a good cocktail and I am not above using a quality mix in certain constrained situations. So, I had to see what a $7 “mile high” mojito was like! Delta (and now NWA) offers a mojito or a margarita. They are pretty upfront about the mix, from Stirrings, and the mojito is composed of the Stirrings Mix, Bacardi Rum and club soda.

So how was it?

Well, first of all for $7 it actually fits into two drink cups with ice so I felt like I got my money’s worth. Two, I saw the tiny bottle of Stirrings and the flight attendant mentioned that she needed to get the shaker in the back and make it. I liked knowing it was shaken! I wished she would have made it in front of me (and the ceremony might actually promote the new drink to other passengers!) but that’s okay. I think it was her first one! It came with lime instead of fresh mint but frankly, I wasn’t expecting fresh mint and I’ll take a lime. I’m pretty forgiving back here in row 16A in coach.

So overall:

Flavor: Not bad. Hey it’s a mix but I thought it was pretty refreshing. Very light on the mint and yes, it’s really sweet.

Appearance: I wish they had a special glass- it looked like a club soda with lime so no points for that.

Value: I thought it was pretty good. I am positive that I have paid more for worse in bars. Although with the two cups, I felt a bit like a lush sitting next to a teenage girl who was traveling with her family, but oh well.

Overall: I was pleased. I am woman who likes a cocktail and I feel like this offering, although not truly authentic, is satisfying a desire for me on a four hour flight- perhaps one that I hadn’t thought of until I saw it. Bravo!

Bonus: I really like the spiced cookies that Delta serves. They are made specifically for Delta and have brown sugar and cinnamon in them. With a crunchy texture, they are quite tasty. Maybe I don’t really miss Northwest that much.