Sunday, August 31, 2008

Slow Food Randomness: The S'More Bike

The biggest surprise of our day at Slow Food Nation 2008 wasn't the panel discussion on Edible Education with Alice Waters et al., or the indulgent 4-hour taste crawl through the pavilion at Ft. Mason, or even the victory garden and local food producers set up in front of city hall . . . it was the guy on the S'More Bike. He wasn't part of the program. In fact his flaming bicycle was quickly shut down by park security, but not before a crowd helped themselves to some unexpected gourmet goodness. These weren't your ordinary s'mores either, the marshmallows were from Recchiuti, the graham crackers were from Kika's and the chocolate was from Scharffen Berger.


bern said...

Entrepeneurs are the heart & soul of our economy...I love their "risk taking" spirit...this S'More Bike fellow takes it to a new level by "risking arrest" to promote his product...the picture made my mouth water...I am savoring the taste in my mind from your vivid description!!!!!

David said...

Just discovered this four years later. Thanks for the memory. @Bern, it wasn't actually a product, I was simply giving s'mores away for free and for fun.