Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cookies I Wish I Had Made: San Francisco Sugar Cookies

I want to start this post with a disclaimer: I had no role whatsoever in these cookies. I didn't bake them or design them or even eat them. But, I admired them so much that I asked my neighbor if I could share them- and they said yes!

My neighbors are the queen of events- bridal showers, baby shower, weddings, you name it. And Lindsey created these sweet San Francisco-themed sugar cookies for a wedding shower. A quick note about Lindsey- she's an amazing hair and makeup stylist (www.prettymechic.com) who also makes super cute cupcakes and cookies as well.

So how did they do these? A combination of edible markers for the bridge and different piping tips for everything else. How smart was it to draw the bridge and then also use it as template for the piping. So clever. I also really loved the texture of the waves. Thanks, Lindsey for letting me share.

If you were to make a cookie for your city, what would it look like?