Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cute As A Button Cupcakes: An Improvisation

There's a few lessons I've learned recently about baking after you've had a baby:

1. It doesn't happen as much.

2. When it does, you really really really want it to turn out right.

3. It's easy to lose count while measuring multiple cups as you are trying to multi-task with a baby.

I've had these button molds for months now and I imagined making these cupcakes with a white frosting background. So, how did we end up with pink and green?

My mother's helper came to help me make these cupcakes. I mixed the cupcakes while she made most of the buttons. And even though this has happened to me before, I used organic powdered sugar...which turns out to be brown instead of white. Seriously, brown and not pretty brown. Argh. We had made blue, yellow and white buttons which did not look good with the brownish frosting. So, we improvised.

and made light green...

hot pink...

and bright green. Reminded me of Super Mario Brothers mushrooms from a distance!

And my two resolutions going forward: regular powdered sugar for white frosting and picking more tried and true recipes. I've debated sharing a big brownie fail story that happened over last Christmas. It was a ton of work- from a blog- and of course- to share with all of my family. Disastrous. Should I share it?

Have you had a baking experience where you successfully improvised?


Cate DeAlessandro said...

They are definitely the cutest! Yeah, I agree that after having a baby, it made baking a real challenge. Nevertheless, baking is more fun for me now since I have little ones that appreciates it and also it became one of our fun activities because they enjoy making it with me. Like right now, we are doing some for my sister's baby shower because they too are excited for the coming of their cousin.

Elle Smithson said...

It's also a bonding time for me and my kids. But I make sure we don't do it too sweet or they might get toothache.

Georgina Blackstock said...

I recently started my baking and cake decorating class and I'm really excited because once I finished this course, I will be able to create delicious treats for my kids.

Shane Harris said...

The cupcake looks so delicious and yummy! I bet all my nieces and nephews will love eating this, I'll just change the design just to make it look more enticing and attracting. Thanks for the nice improvisation tip.