Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Simple Pleasures: An Ice Cream Cone on A Sunny, Fall Day

Sometimes it's the little things in life...this week, I found myself running an errand in front of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. I never paid much attention to Loard's Ice Cream before as I always favored the very popular (and crowded) Fenton's or the Ice Creamery. But, this kitchy pink parlor complete with an older couple having mid-afternoon sundaes in glass dishes beckoned me on this sunny day. Turns out Loards is a local chain making handmade ice cream in San Francisco since the 1950s. I've seen a few stores and parlors- all in the bright pink decor but today, there was something special and sentimental about walking in and ordering a single scoop on a sugar cone. I realized it was probably several years since I've had an ice cream cone. And, I've decided for my birthday, I am going to request that my family join me for a traditional sundae at an ice cream parlor.

I even knew what flavor I wanted before I went in and sure enough- they had it. So, with a generous scoop of peanut butter fudge, I enjoyed this fall afternoon complete with a messy face and sticky fingers. So much more enjoyable that the dainty cup.

When was the last time you had an actual ice cream cone?