Sunday, August 15, 2010

Three Baby Shower Diaper Cakes Not to Eat!

Well, we've been slow to post lately because we are getting quite close to having our baby. And in the meantime, we've been blessed with several different baby showers to welcome him! You can see that we are surrounded by creative people and I had to share a post with all of the "diaper cakes" we received. You may remember that I posted about a wedding cake made of towels and a wrapped gift like a cake but these cakes are much more impressive!

Cake Number One from Marie

This lovely cake is made with receiving blankets and some cute toys...filled with diapers!

Cake Number Two from Patty and Jen

These cakes served as centerpieces for the shower tables.

They were in two different sizes with was darling!

Cake Number Three from Jane

This cake isn't actually not a diaper cake but a cake filled with goodies for our baby- onesies, socks, blankets! Our baby will likely be attending a few baseball games (Oakland A's and Minnesota Twins) and so a few baseball themed items are right up his alley!

Thanks to everyone for the lovely cakes. I can't bear to take them apart yet, they are so cute!