Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One Word Wednesday: Compost

I took this mobile photo of the three different trash bins: trash, compost and recycling, in San Francisco along with the sample boards of what “trash” goes where. When we moved back to California, I confess that it took some time for me to learn what things go where.

This week, we found out that we can now put food scraps and other compostables like soiled paper towels in our green bin along with yard clippings. This is huge for us, Bay Area suburbanites, as now the majority of our “trash” can be composted or recycled. In fact, we bought compostable bag liners for our “trash compactor” (came with the house). It has been quite eye-opening to analyze our trash and see what we are throwing away.


Does your garbage service offer composting or do you compost?

How do manage multiple “garbage” cans in your house?

What makes up most of your "trash"?