Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Most Delicious Wedding Shower Cupcakes!

Because cupcakes are so popular, we thought we would make cupcakes instead of a cake for Amber’s wedding shower.

I love this vanilla vanilla cupcake recipe from Billy’s Cupcakes and posted on the Martha Stewart website. Full of fresh butter and whole milk, these cupcakes have a fresh and sweet flavor profile. One note, the recipe has you cube the butter, coat it in the dries and incorporate it into the batter. The batter is always lumpy with butter for me but it cooks out just fine.

For the frosting, we used Billy’s Buttercream recipe-available here. This tastes GREAT but it will not harden like the royal icing.

Toni brought a special large frosting tip to make the large swirls. I do not recommend using a smaller tip because it just doesn't look right.

For the little purple flowers, I used Wilton candy melts. I melted them and used a plastic bag to pipe the shape on waxed paper.

I immediately sprinkled sanding sugar before they set up and let them firm up. Once firm, we picked them up and put them onto the cupcakes.

We were very happy with the results as they tasted wonderful and looked great. I had these three cake plates to create wedding tiers.

My aunt had these beautiful glass tiers as well because we had made so many!

And the bride to be was happy as well (check out her wedding cake apron- made by my mom!)