Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Setting the table...

It's Tuesday night before Thanksgiving and I have already set the table! One of my favorite parts of hosting Thanksgiving dinner is setting the table and by doing it the night or two before, I can take my time. For the centerpiece this year, I decided to use some mini-pumpkins that I had left over from Halloween with some traditional candlesticks.

I traced a foil tealight holder onto the pumpkin and carved out the pumpkin to hold the candle. It was really easy! I am not even bothering to really scoop out the center and I am keeping these in the refrigerator until Thursday- I don't trust the neighborhood squirrels to leave them alone.

As you can see, these are darling!! I might even make these for Halloween to put on our steps next year. I also debated spray painting these pumpkins a metallic copper.

I decided to keep the table ones in their natural state and go for a "less is more" theme. We have the maximum people at the table this year: twelve.

...and the one I spray painted will go in our guest bathroom during the dinner. I really like the way it turned out!

Thanks to my Great Aunt Enie, I have this napkin folding book by Irena Chalmers and this year the napkins are folded in "the rose" which are then placed in the wine glasses.

Our china is Wedgewood India which I absolutely love! We don't have silver but instead use our everyday stainless which is Reed & Barton Country French. We chose this as our everyday flatware but decided because of the salad fork, that it is formal enough for holidays. I have a few pieces of really neat 1910 antique WM Rogers La Concorde tableware from my great grandmother but only a few pieces. It's a common set and someday I'll put in the effort to complete the set on ebay.

I also am a big fan of table cards as it makes it easy for everyone to take their seats. I made these paper turkey cards 2 years ago and decided to use them again. They are a bit cheesy but they add a bit of whimsy to the table.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We will be posting about the turkeys, the pies, the edible bacon salad bowls that we will be having and more...