Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lazy Saturday Eggs and Potatoes 2.0

Our friend Dinner Boy and his wife Amy were in SF this week for the Web 2.0 Summit, so we broke bread at Zuni Cafe on Thursday. While the conversation was fantastic, the food rated a B+ (we'd go back, but not rush back given the bounty of alternatives). However, this morning when I peered into the fridge I recalled taste of the red peppers that came along with the grouper I ordered and realized I wanted more (peppers not grouper). So I sauteed a few diced fingerling potatoes and red peppers from the farm share and put them next to scrambled eggs with pepperoncini and cheddar. With the fall season upon us and some more free time I am looking forward to the start of another season of cooking (maybe Foodspiration 2.0? :-).