Friday, November 5, 2010

Food Toys!

Ah, we were shopping out in Half Moon Bay this weekend in search of foodspiration. And did we find it- a new cookbook, a poached egg thingy, asparagus servers and a tasty meringue treat later...we were inspired! In a hobby store, we saw a huge assortment of wooden play toys. And that that we have a little one, I'm hoping we'll get to play with our food a bit more. This reminded me of two past posts that are worth another visit:

1. A Tale of Two Play Kitchens: two friends shared the play kitchens that they made or bought for their kids. This kitchen (in photo above) was remade by my friend and her husband. The before and after is quite impressive and reminded me that reusing is a great thing! Check out their creative blog at

2. Handmade Felt Play Food: I love this Bug Bites Play Food that you can buy on Etsy. So sweet and creative. I requested this custom order for lemon and raspberry tarts for a play tea set. Take a look! She has great holiday food items as well.

Hmm, the holidays are around the corner and food toys are wonderful and creative gifts to give!


Denise Michaels - Adventurous Foodie said...

I love walking through a gourmet cooking store like Sur la Table or even the cooking section of Bed, Bath and Beyond and it inspires me to try new things - new recipes, new adventures.

Lauren said...

We do too! Sometimes even small stores have inspiring unusual things!

Michelle O said...

I love the wooden toy food. It has become the "go-to" gift that David and I get for kids around the 3 year old age we know. They seem to love it! Was the stuff you saw Melissa and Doug? They make a really fun ice cream set with scoopers with magnets so you can really "scoop" the ice cream and put it on the cone.

Do you guys like hot sauce? Right now we are in Dominica and found some YUMMY ginger pepper sauce at a local grocery store. We picked up a few extra bottles to take home. Maybe I will send some to the two of you!

Lauren said...

They are mostly from Melissa and Doug. I have seen some cool stuff on Etsy as well.

We do love hot sauce. Especially Justin and would love to try ginger pepper!