Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pumpkins Beyond Pie

Fall is finally here and with that comes pumpkins, squashes, apples and other delicious fall foods!

Today at the Capay Valley Growers FarmShop at my work, I bought a Triple Treat pumpkin! Not all pumpkins are created equal- some are better for carving and some are better for cooking. Triple Treat is a naked-seeded pumpkin that has seeds without hulls and is actually great for cooking, carving and pumpkin seed roasting! What will the fate of this pumpkin be??

Well, it's up to you! We'd like to take this pumpkin beyond pie so we've created three choices for you to vote on (see the poll in the corner of the page):

  • handmade pumpkin sage ravioli with brown butter
  • savory pumpkin ice cream with olive oil and sea salt
  • pumpkin pear soup
  • spiced pumpkin mousse (using our iSi chargers and some N2O)

So cast your vote today!

And as an extra bonus, just wanted to mention that Full Belly Farms, one of the Capay Valley Growers, is having the 21st Annual Hoes Down Festival this weekend, October 4th and 5th! The 21st Annual festival includes educational farm tours, a magical children's area, hands-on workshops, and delicious food! You can even camp overnight!